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Jan. 21, 2019

Agent Spotlight of the Month: Kim Reboul

For some real estate comes easy and naturally. That is the case for Kim Reboul. Kim is one of the many fun and vibrant agents that make up the MBell Team. She fits seamlessly into the group of agents in the office that are laid back and share a deep camaraderie. She as has an ease and knack for helping her clients find their perfect home. She can read easily on a client's expression whether they truly love a property or are settling, and finding one a client loves makes everything about the real estate transaction run so much smoother.

Prior to working in real estate Kim spent years working in the corporate world in sale manager positions for companies such as Phillip Morris. Her path on the corporate ladder led her to move away from her hometown her in New Orleans for a while, taking on new positions and adventures in various different cities. Due to her consistent relocations Kim found herself buying and selling properties, more often representing herself throughout the transaction processes. Once she had returned to the New Orleans area by her later twenties she had already bought five properties and sold three of them. This led to friends often seeking her out for advice on the process of buying or selling a home. She also grew up with her family owning several properties and managing several housing units. With so many seeking her advice, her personal experience in the housing transaction process, and her family history with property transactions; it only made sense for Kim to seek out earning her license.

Once Kim entered in the real estate business she found herself at Mirambell Realty because she loved that it was small and locally owned. After years in the corporate world she wanted to be a part of a company that was smaller and more centrally run.

One of the things that Kim loves most about working in real estate is getting to interact with people that are new to the city. After spending so many years away from the city she was raised in, it made her appreciate all that there is to love about New Orleans even more. So even though she loves helping friends and family with their real estate needs, there is something extra special about getting to help people new to this city fall in love with her hometown and finding them the perfect place to call home.

Outside of work, Kim keeps herself quite busy with her family. Kim is the proud mother of sweet little boy. She loves to travel and take her son to see new places. She is an avid Disney lover and tries to make a yearly trip to the happiest place on earth. She also loves to cook and get involved in adult sport leagues playing softball. She is currently in the process of building her families' home and is often busy working with builders. She loves the architecture of mid-century modern designers like Frank Loyd Wright and its likely that modern and sleek line style will find its way into her new home. 

The bright and bold spirit of our agent Kim Reboul is hard to miss in any room she enters. Kim has one of those truly infectious personalities that makes her a friend to all and easily connects with anyone in a room.

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Dec. 18, 2018

Monthly Agent Spotlight: Michelle Rousse

Real estate agents get into this career for various reasons. Some enjoy the freedom of the schedule of the job, other love the income potential; and then a rare special few are like our agent Michelle Rousse. Michelle decided to take on a career in real estate after years of working in business to business sales. She grew up always wanting to be a real estate agent after watching her parents buy and sell homes. She would watch the agents they worked with and remembered fondly the joy that her and her family felt moving into a new home. When her father passed away in 2015, it reminded Michelle that life was short and she decided there was no time like the present to go after her dream of being a realtor.

While looking for a brokerage, Michelle found her way to Mirambell Realty. She felt that Mirambell was the perfect fit for her because she didn't want a corporate brokerage, but rather a local small boutique brokerage. Also, she loved that Craig was the type of broker that would give her the freedom to run her own business her way, but was still readily available should she have any question or need. Mirambell Realty was also a good fit for Michelle because she loves that Mirambell strives to entwine technology use into their real estate transactions. Mirambell's use of technology is a good fit for Michelle since she knows that technology use in real estate is the future, which is why you can often see her utilizing modern conveniences such as using GPS to show houses or her active social media accounts. 

Michelle loves everything about working in real estate, from the clients to the homes. She loves the process of getting to know her clients and getting them to the closing. She knows that the home buying process can present challenges but with her kind and professional personality she is able to coach her clients through the difficulties of real estate and help them achieve their goals. She even loves the homes themselves. There is no particular home style that peaks Michelle's interest. Rather, she loves everything about every home. She feels that with the right viewpoint you can find beauty in every home, old or new, and visualize her clients living their lives there.

Outside of working, Michelle can be found with her family. Michelle is a doting mother to her three beautiful children, ages 11, 8, and 6. She actively supports charities working with autism, since her eldest son has been diagnosed autistic. Her children keep her busy with dance and sport activities, but she also loves to volunteer with her church, Celebration Church. Her church life is an essential part of her family life. Michelle's faith and family are both beautiful aspects of this incredible woman. While work, church and family can keep Michelle quite tied up, she loves to make time for herself by getting out to exercise. Considering she is married to Duke Rousse of Duke Academy her love of a good work out isn't all to surprising. Her and Duke also like to make time for their marriage by fitting date nights into their busy schedule. 

Michelle Rousse is a born and raised New Orleans area girl through and through. She loves her Saints and Pelicans and enjoys her outings as family on the street car to get Camellia Grille. She loves coffee, real estate, her family and God. Michelle Rousse is a genuine kind soul that can make anyone she comes in contact with smile, even on the cloudiest of days. Her clients are lucky to have her dedication to them, as much as Mirambell is lucky to have her on the team.

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Dec. 3, 2018

Craig Mirambell Awarded RISMedia's 2019 Newsmaker Achiever Award

Craig Mirambell has been selected amongst a small group of Real Estate professionals by RISMedia, a Real Estate industry news outlet, as one of their 2019 Newsmakers in the Achiever category. This is an incredible and high honor, as Craig is being selected amongst Real Estate professionally on a national level.

Craig was selected from thousands of nominations for this award. He, along with the rest of 2019 Class of Newsmakers, were selected for their influential contributions to the industry of Real Estate. Members of the 2019 Newsmakers class were selected based on their influence in advancing the Real Estate industry, their impacting change on the industry, their technological achievements, their diversity and humanitarian efforts, and for making headlines throughout their career. 

The 2019 Class of Newsmakers were divided into several categories. Craig was selected as a member of the Achievers categories, being honored for his successes and achievement in the Real Estate industry.

The RISMedia's 2019 Class of Newsmakers are considered the leaders and icons within the industry. They are considered to be the ones breaking the molds within the industry and making a difference.

Craig Mirambell can be seen as a member of this years class on both the RISMedia website and in their December 2018 print issue. This is truly an illustrious class for Craig Mirambell to join. Congratulations to Craig Mirambell, RISMedia 2019 Newsmaker- Achiever.

See Online Award Announcement: RISMedia


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Nov. 29, 2018

Andrea Corne Joins the Cap Club!

Congratulations are in order for Andrea Corne as she has joined the Cap Club today! Way to go Andrea on all your hard work this year.

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Nov. 23, 2018

Holiday Homebuyers Can Score The Best Deals

According a new study by Attom Data Solutions, the month of December is the best month to buy a home if you are a bargain hunter.


The study found that people who close on a home on December 26th were the ones who were submitting offers around Thanksgiving. These consumers on average saved an estimated $2500, which is the highest saving of the year, by doing their home shopping around the time the stores are putting up Christmas decorations.

The study found that this is due in large part to the fact that few consumers think of the holidays as the time to buy a home which means less competition for them in the market. It also means these buyers are finding more motivated sellers. The lower competition and the more eager sellers means holiday homebuyers are getting an upper hand in negotiations and a better deal.


The study, which covered five years worth of data, found that overall there was only 10 days of the year where buyers were seeing discounts on their closings and of those 10 days, seven were in December. The remaining discount days were one each in October, November and February. The data also found that buyers who closed at the end of May were paying the highest prices for their homes, almost 9% over the estimated value during the Memorial Day Weekend.



So while some future homebuyers may be thinking its better to put off the home search until next year, they may want to change their mind and get an offer in quick to snag the best deal.

*Article used: Inman

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Nov. 12, 2018

New Orleans Home Buyers Have One of the Quickest Credit Recovery Times

Any one who has ever made a large purchase on credit knows that the purchase is going to cause a din in your credit score. Well there's no bigger credit purchase that one makes in their life than the purchase of a home. That drop in your credit score may seem frustrating or disappointing especially since most have worked incredibly hard to get their score up to make that home purchase. But fear not, this drop is common and does improve over time.

In fact this drop in a credit score post home purchase is so common that LendingTree, an online marketplace, did a recent study in which they found that on average a home buyer's credit falls at least 15 points after purchasing a home and take about 11 months to recover to its previous credit rating.

While that news may seem daunting to those looking to buy home, there's some solace in the fact that New Orleans buyers had some of the quickest recovery periods. New Orleans home buyers took the top 5 spot in the rankings of recovery periods. Our city's buyers averaged only a 9 month recovery time compared to the national average of 11 months. Also, our city's buyers averaged only a 13 point drop in credit scores compared to the national average of 15 points drop.


*Information from this article obtained by: Realtor Magazine

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Nov. 9, 2018

Andrea Corne Recognized by City Business

Andrea Corne had an outstanding month of sales during October 2018. Her accomplishments were acknowledged by New Orleans City Business during their most recent release. Our agents are incredibly hardworking individuals and we are ecstatic to the hard work of agents like Andrea Corne get recognized by local business news outlets. Congratulations Andrea and keep up the hard work!


The article can be found at this link:

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Oct. 30, 2018

Monthly Agent Spotlight: Danielle Nice

Some people get into Real Estate because it can be a flexible career field. Other people become agents because they hope to make big bucks on commissions from million dollar homes. Then there are people like our agent, Danielle Nice. She works in Real Estate simply because she loves homes and especially the varied housing stock that New Orleans real estate offers. 

Danielle is a renovator at heart and grew up in a “big rambling older house on Napoleon Avenue.” She sees potential in almost anything (although she espouses the importance of a good foundation and strong mechanicals). She feels her strength in real estate is her expertise with older/historic housing stock as well as her creativity to see potential in not only homes, but neighborhoods. 


There isn’t a specific style of New Orleans architecture that Danielle loves. She just loves the old meeting the new. In other words seeing obsolete housing becoming modernized with updated electrical and plumbing systems and a livable family-friendly floorplan…All while retaining the warmth and character of the historical building. 

Danielle's goal as a Real Estate agent is to provide her clients with opportunities to build wealth. She feels the single best way to build wealth in life is through home ownership and real estate investing. Her enthusiasm for this is evident and sometimes, according to her family, exhaustive. But that enthusiasm makes her a great advocate for her clients, especially first time home buyers. Many people believe that they are not in the position to own a home. Danielle runs the numbers and finds housing opportunities that they themselves might not have realized are feasible. As Danielle put it she finds as much joy putting a single parent family into a home as she does selling a million dollar mansion. 


She doesn't believe that her work in Real Estate is a “sales” career. “You can't sell a client a home…you instead educate someone to the market and to the housing stock so they can make the best possible decision for themselves.”  And with her guidance, it usually is a good decision. As she mentioned in her interview, her real estate clients have done “very well.” 

Danielle came to Mirambell after living in San Francisco and Los Angeles for many years.  Danielle got her Real Estate license in California in the early 2000s and left the area to return home to help re-build New Orleans Post Katrina in 2007. She came to Mirambell just as Craig was getting the brokerage off the ground. She interviewed with many brokerages in the New Orleans metro and felt that being a part of the MBell team was the best fit for her. She liked how Craig Mirambell interacted with agents and how accessible he was to his agents. She also liked that Craig didn't make his agents conform to a particular mold or ideal of what a Real Estate agent should or shouldn't be. That freedom has allowed Danielle to be her complete self throughout her entire career.


Danielle's passion for homes runs strong and keeps her very busy, but outside the Real Estate realm Danielle is likely found with her family. She is a mother to 7 year old twin boys. They keep her busy outside of work, but so does teaching voice. As a former professional opera singer, Danielle now teaches voice lessons at Delgado Community College as well as privately in her home studio. 


Danielle is a strong champion for the betterment of the city of New Orleans. She and her husband advocate for issues that commonly face inner cities such as poverty, education and affordable housing. And it is her true belief that New Orleans will be the best city possible if all of its residents thrive!

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Oct. 24, 2018

New Orleans Buyers Pay a Premium for Homes Near Cemeteries

"The house near the graveyard" may sound like the setting description to a horror film, but in New Orleans its just a normal description of a location to a home. New Orleanians don't fear living in close proximity to our cemeteries, in fact a new study has found that this close proximity can actually come at a premium.

Trulia recently mapped U.S. cemeteries, mortuaries, and funeral homes using Yelp and GeoNames. Their researchers ran a linear regression model using housing prices as an independent variable and whether that home is within a quarter mile of a cemetery, funeral home, or mortuary as a dependent variable. Researchers controlled for the following variables: bedrooms, number of bathrooms, square footage, and zip codes. The study found that homebuyers in New Orleans were willing to spend an extra 6.9% more for a home located within a quarter mile of a cemetery, funeral home, or mortuary.

New Orleans topped the list in this study done by Trulia. Researchers found that Silver Spring, Maryland came in second place with their residents being willing to shell out 6.3% more to live near the dead. The metro city that came in third place in this study was Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Those residents were willing to spend 5% more for homes near graveyards.

Prior to this study, everyone knew tourists love to come to New Orleans to view our unique above ground cemeteries but it turns out our residents love to live near them too. I guess that's why they call us the City of the Dead.

*Information for this article was obtained by: Nola Curbed

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Sept. 24, 2018

September Monthly Agent Spotlight: Andrea Corne

You can't miss Andrea Corne in a room. Her outgoing spirit will envelope any room she is in. So it comes as no surprise that this incredibly friendly fun personality is the same person you'll encounter if Andrea becomes your real estate agent.

Andrea entered into a Real Estate career because her husband is a builder. She wanted to provide him with the best representation possible and help take the work load off of him. Though Andrea has many years of customer service and sales experience from working in boutiques and shoe stores to her time as a sales assistant for the New Orleans Magazine; you could say she was always destined to work in Real Estate. Raised in Chalmette, Andrea's father was also a builder and Andrea was raised around Real Estate and watching the changing neighborhoods of the New Orleans region. Though she has always been very fond the unique architecture styles of New Orleans; she loves new and modern homes and seeing the way new construction can shape and change upcoming neighborhoods. 

Now as a wife and mother of two very active young boys, she loves her career path. She loves that being a Real Estate agent gives her flexibility to spend as much time as possible with her family. Her favorite way to spend her free time is with her family. They are close knit bunch who likely can be found at ball park. She also enjoys her dinners out with friends, family game nights, and her guilty pleasure of reality TV. Andrea is an active and involved mother, she often volunteers at her children's school. Her family loves their LSU on Saturdays and Saints on Sundays. She loves her Lakeview neighborhood and the community she is raising her family in.

Just like the hands on mom that Andrea is, she is also just as involved with her career. She knows the key way to see a transaction close smoothly is to ensure that she is on top of every step of the sale process by keeping in consistent communication with all parties. Andrea came to Mirambell Realty because she like its small boutique company atmosphere. The small team allows for better hands on training opportunities and more attention to the company's clients. She also loves that Mirambell can provide its clients with the latest and greatest technologies in the Real Estate industry. Her favorite modern convenience of home sales are the real life three-dimensional tours. It gives homebuyers a chance to walk the halls of home from the comfort of a computer. To Andrea this allows benefits for everyone since clients can tell if a home will work for them by viewing it from their computer without ever actually heading out to see the home in person.

Andrea is 100% transparent with her clients. She strives to get them into a home they love and gives them the full attention she provides to all aspects of her life. Her talkative, bubbly personality makes the sale process with her feel like house shopping with a close friend, the same close friend that all feel like they have when they meet Andrea Corne.

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