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Dec. 14, 2017

America's Opioid Epidemic is Presenting a New Threat to Realtors

To many Americans it comes as no news or shock that the opioid crisis is plaguing our nation. Many families have been suffering for years at the hands of this disease. However, the crippling addiction is showing surprising affects on aspects of American culture one wouldn’t expect.


The opioid crisis is now even presenting to be a new threat to the job of being a realtor. Realtors had already reported that 38% of them feared for their personal safety while working. Female agents had reported that close to half of them feared for their safety while working. Now agents, especially those selling higher-end properties, are being attacked by users looking to scored prescription opioids.

Drugs addicts are presenting themselves as potential buyers to gain access to properties in order dig through the medicine cabinets to find their next fix.


One agent reported that while showing a $750,000 home in Texas she was hit over the head by the thought to be interested home buyer. The attacker then held the agent hostage and demanded money from her. In terror for her life the agent informed the attacker that she had a closing coming up in a few days and if he could wait should would give him her entire $4,000 commission just so that he would leave and not kill her. However, the attacker left the agent alone for a few minutes so he could acquire paper to write a hostage note and the agent used that brief moment to escape to her safety. Her attacker was arrested and admitted to being on drugs at the time of the incident. He is now serving 60 years in prison for aggravated robbery.


Software companies are trying to combat this rising issue of safety concern for agents through the development of software designed to provide background checks on potential clients by using just their name and phone number.


The background check software allows agents to vet a client before opening a home and providing them access to both the agent’s personal safety and the medicine cabinets within a home. The company behind the new software, Cogent, says their software, Forewarn, is a step in helping to prevent access to channels the can fuel this nation’s opioid epidemic.



*Information obtain from: Realtor Magazine, CNBC

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Dec. 12, 2017

Where to See Christmas Lights in Your Area for 2017

There’s something magical about this time of year that brings out the child in all of us. While not everyone bring outs their inner Clark Griswold and dons their house in enough little twinkling bulbs to help land a plane, thankfully there places where we can all go to enjoy the lit up magic of the Christmas season. So whether you live in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, the Northshore, or on the Gulf Coast here is a comprehensive guide to find the best light displays in your neck of the woods.



New Orleans, Jefferson Parish:

New Orleans is known for fully embracing the magic in any holiday so don’t expect them to skimp on the Christmas cheer.


Baton Rouge

The LSU Tigers aren’t the only thing lit about Baton Rouge, the capital city is full of places to see the sparkle of the season.

  • Zoo Lights
  • Shadrack Christmas Wonderland—Gonzales
  • Blue Bayou Drive Thru Lights
    • Blue Bayou Water Park
    • November 24—January 7
  • Holiday Lights at Baton Rough General
    • Corner of Bluebonnet & Picardy
    • November 22—January 5
  • Reflections of the Season—West Baton Rouge



Our neighbors across the pond are shining so bright you can see them from the Causeway.

  • Bayou Christmas
  • Christmas in the Park—Bogalusa
  • Perilous Road in Madisonville between Brewster and Hwy. 22
    • This family even has it set up that you can tune your radio to hear music that matches the light display
  • 67221 Thackery Street, Mandeville
    • Tall Timbers Subdivision
  • 125 Shamble Cove, Slidell


Mississippi Gulf Coast

Surfin’ Santa love the lit up coast, you know you and your family will too.



Enjoy the lights and enjoy your holidays!


Merry Christmas,


From the Mirambell Realty Family

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Dec. 8, 2017

Rental Prices on The Rise Again in New Orleans

As 2017 draws to an end we are once again seeing a rise in rent prices across the city on the rise. Zumper, a national screening tool for the real estate market, reported recently that rentals in the New Orleans Market have risen four spots in just the past month to now be the 17th priciest rental market in the nation.


According to the report by Zumber, One bedroom rentals saw a 5.3% spike in rental prices to a city average of $1380. However, from this report there is some positive news, two bedrooms have slightly decreased to an average cost of $1460 across the city.


With the current rise in rental prices it may come has a surprise that home sale prices are not corresponding to the same trends. In fact, home sale prices continue to fluctuate around the $298,000 median price since early 2016.


Considering all of the available programs that the various parishes and lenders are offering to help in acquiring a down payment for homes, this rental price surge would suggest that it a great time to make the move toward home ownership.


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Nov. 15, 2017

Jefferson Parish Finance Authority Programs for Home Buyers

Outside of Orleans Parish, potential homebuyers are finding great new programs to assist them in the dream of becoming homeowners. The Jefferson Parish Finance Authority (JPFA) has an amazing program  available to provide pathways to homeownership in Jefferson Parish.

The JPFA is now offering a competitive 30-year fixed rate mortgage with a Down Payment Assistance (DPA) Grant. The grant is equal to 3% or 4% of the loan amount to qualifying homebuyers for FHA, VA, or RHS loans. The second option available in the program from JPFA is a grant that is equal to 3% of the loan amount to qualifying home buyers for a Freddie Mac HFA Advantage Loan.

In order to qualify for this program potential home buyers must have a credit score of at least 640 and not exceed income limits of 115% of HUD Median Income. For the Freddie Mac HFA Advantage Loan there is no income limit to qualify for the program.
To find out more information on this program and other financing options in Jefferson Parish visit, or contact one of our agents today.

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Nov. 1, 2017

Welcome to the Cap Club Jared Fousch!

Congratulations Jared! Hard work and dedication pay off! You're amazing customer service to your clients and your daily grind are really paying off. Welcome to the Cap Club!

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Oct. 27, 2017

Craig Mirambell of Mirambell Realty has Been Elected to NOMAR Board of Directors

The Mirambell Realty office is so excited and proud to announce that our very own Craig Mirambell has been elected to the New Orleans Metropolitan Association of Realtors (NOMAR) Board of Directors. The election results were released this week and Craig has been selected to be the voice for the Realtors of the New Orleans metro area. Congratulations Craig, we know you will make the MBell team proud with your new role as Director.

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Oct. 27, 2017

Christine Sim is Mirambell Realty's New Office and Marketing Manager

The Mirambell Realty family grew again, Christine Sim has been brought on as the office and marketing manager. The team at MBell Realty is super excited to have Christine on board and we know she will fit in perfectly with the culture at Mirambell Realty. She brings her experience as a proven leader in a slew of organizations throughout her college years to Mirambell to provide fresh new ways of looking at marketing in the real estate world. Welcome to Mirambell Realty, we are excited to have you and for the innovative new ideas you can bring to the MBell team. Welcome Christine!

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Oct. 24, 2017

MAP Program for First Time Buyers

The city of New Orleans has already recognized that getting over the hurdle of saving for the down payment was impeding many from becoming homes, now mortgage companies are are also recognizing this struggle potential homeowners are facing.

Movement Mortgage just launched a new mortgage program called Movement Assistance Program (MAP). The MAP program provides qualified homebuyers with a grant to assist with up to 3% of the sales price or appraised value (whichever is lower) to use as their down payment. The grant does not need to be repaid, and unlike the New Orleans Finance Authority program the grant does not come with the stipulation that you must maintain in the home for the next five years.


The MAP program also provides allowance for seller or other interested party to contribute up to 4% toward closing costs. This program is a custom, affordable lending conventional, fixed rate program.



To find out more information on the MAP program or other mortgage options available from Movement Mortgages please go to or reach out to Leslie O’Neal at either (949) 933-7055 or

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Oct. 19, 2017

Britney Theriot is Mirambell Realty's Newest Realtor

The Mirambell Realty family of agents grew again today, with the hiring of Britney Theriot as it's newest agent.  The team at MBell Realty is super excited to have Britney on board and we know she will fit in perfectly with the culture at Mirambell Realty. Welcome to Mirambell Realty, we are excited to partner with you and reach new heights in your career. Welcome Britney!

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Oct. 12, 2017

Mirambell Realty Welcomes Lenée Crowley to the Team

Mirambell Realty has grown again by adding Lenée Crowley to our team of Realtors. Lenée looks forward to serving her clients with all of their real estate transactions. Welcome Lenée!

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