Many past and present clients already know this wonderful lady who has been an agent with Mirambell for quite some time. Her presence is well known because she works so hard, not just as our clients agent but also as their friend. So for the May monthly agent spotlight we'd like to take a moment to let everyone get to know Robyn Bruno.

Robyn has been an agent since her college days came to an end. And through her journey of her career in Real Estate, Robyn has come to learn quite a bit. She says that 9 out of 10 agents fail their first year. And despite her amazing success over the last few years. When she was graduating college and looking for a way out of her mall job that could make her some money, she fell into that standard statistic. She was one of the 9 out of 10 agents who failed during their first year. Her strength in character though drove her to fight to get back into the game and she has been rocking and rolling every since.

She found in her self working at Mirambell Realty after learning that the her first brokerage would be closing. About a week before her wedding and the end of the year she learned that in order to stay in Real Estate she would have to find a new broker and fast. She luckily knew Craig, owner of Mirambell Realty, through YPN (Young Professionals Network) and reached out to him. Though unfortunate circumstances brought her onto the MBell Team, it was the best move she made. Since those early days with Mirambell she has expanded her clientele and has gotten her broker license. She is now an associate broker at Mirambell Realty and hopes to one day have a team of her own working under her within the Mirambell office.

Robyn is a true Nola Gal, as her social media presence proclaims, she was born and raised here. Her entire family is here in the New Orleans metro, in fact her, her twin brother, her younger and older brothers and her mother all live within a mile of each other. She loves this city from it's unique colorful creole cottages to the emerging new build modern homes. She loves the festivals and happy hours. But most of all she loves her job. She loves that she gets to befriend her clients and help them through such a momentous moment in their life, either buying or selling their home. Her business is no longer primarily focussed on first time homebuyers but she says they can be some of the most rewarding clients to work with. They are just so fun and so excited and she is so honored to share in their joy of becoming homebuyers as she navigates the Real Estate market with them.

Outside of work Robyn often finds herself very busy. In recent years her life has shifted more to family mode as her and her husband now have to small children at home. But when she can find the time she loves to put her feet to the pavement, literally. Robyn has always prided herself on being an avid runner and even with two little ones she still finds time to enjoy her runs occasionally. She also enjoys to read motivational and self improvement books. She enjoys her time outside work with her family and friends also. She says she's always really loved the work that St. Jude does, and since the birth of her children her support of St. Jude has only grown more.

Robyn Bruno is an incredible real estate agent. She is a smiling face many of us at Mirambell are used to seeing in the office. The culture of the office and her respect for Craig are some of the many things that Robyn loves about working at Mirambell. But what many of the homebuyers in the New Orleans metro love is that Mirambell has an agent like Robyn who moves from their real estate agent at the behind of the real estate transaction to by closing has become a true friend.