It takes a special individual to make it in Real Estate. You have to have that right personality that just attracts people to you. The type of personality that lights up a room. Here at Mirambell, all our agents have amazing personalities to work in the Real Estate Sales business, but no one quite lights up a room like our own in house 610 Stomper, the one we call Meatball.

Christopher Cazenave, aka Meatball, has one of the must charismatic and charming personalities, and listening to his story of how he ended up working in real estate, it's almost like this career path found him. Prior to his days of dancing through the streets of New Orleans, or buying and selling homes, he was actually a trained chef. Christopher honed his culinary skills in the Tuscany region of Italy. After being trained in the culinary arts in Lucca, Italy, he returned to his hometown of New Orleans and opened a gelato restaurant. It was when his restaurant's rent was drastically and unexpectedly increased that he found a new calling, Real Estate. He reached out to family in the Real Estate business to try and find guidance in his rent issue and instead found a new career. Don't worry his culinary skills have not gone to waste, if you are a lucky lady he is trying to impress he would be glad to show off his skills in the kitchen.

Real Estate though now is his full time gig. He loves helping families find their home. The excitement that their joy brings to the transaction never gets old to him. He is not the type of agent that pushes his clients into a certain home. He lets his buyers find the home of their dreams and then he works his butt off to negotiate them the best deal possible. He loves his transactions to be quick though. There is nothing worse to him or a buyer than a long drawn out negotiation process. So once he puts a buyer's offer in, he gets the other agent on the phone and tries to hammer out a deal as fast as possible. That way his clients get in their dream home quicker and seller can move on to their next adventure quicker. He is the perfect fit for a Mirambell agent, since Mirambell focuses on technology forward Real Estate, and Christopher feels that growing technology use in the field is the only way to go. As he put it his office is his cellphone.

Outside of work, you'd be hard pressed to find Christopher stopping. If he's not selling Real Estate, he might be working his part time job with the Constables office of Jefferson Parish. Or he may be dancing in the streets of New Orleans, surrounded by his favorite architecture of the French Quarter alongside his fellow 610 Stompers. He loves to dance and have fun and just enjoy life, which is why his role as a Stomper fits him so well. He not only gets to have a great time, he gets to give back to the city he loves through all the charity work that the 610 Stompers do, as he says they, "help through dance."

His joy for life is also a large part of what he loves about working for Mirambell Realty. He started in Real Estate at a larger corporate type brokerage and felt like his skills weren't being truly appreciated. Since he knew Mirambell Realty's owner, Craig Mirambell through a family connection he reached out looking to join the MBell family. And that is what he found here, another family to be a part of. He loves that the staff at Mirambell can get together and let loose and have fun, but also work hard and get the job done for their clients. With Christopher, the Meatball, Cazenave you get more than just an agent. He will be his bright amazing personable self around you whether you are a client or a friend. But just know that if you do become his client, you are also likely to become his friend.