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Aug. 16, 2018

August Monthly Agent Spotlight: Naomi Corass

Naomi Corass has always had a love for home design and architecture so it was no surprise that she found herself with a career in real estate. Her husband being a contractor with his own business in building homes, she also loves the he always has an agent to work with thats is trust worthy and honest.

Naomi loves finding her clients their perfect home. She is a sweet, caring individual and works hard to fight for clients to get them into their dream home at the best deal possible. She loves her job and getting to be in homes. When she's not working with her husbands new builds, guiding him in picking out designs and fixtures she has garnered from her love of home design books, or working with her clients, I bet it is likely she could be found in an old home. Though she adores the various architecture of all the homes in the area, there's nothing like an old home to Naomi. As she puts it, "there's just wonderful old smell to them." She loves the intricate details, old windows, old doors, just everything that an old home like the Victorian ones found in the Garden District has to offer. Her love of architecture and old homes makes her the agent that she is.

Naomi came to Mirambell because she felt that Craig offered the best guidance to her as a newer agent. She felt that other brokerages just leave you out on your own, whereas Craig provided more one on one training through the early part of her career. She also loves the office environment here at Mirambell Realty. There are always other agents willing lend a helping hand. Naomi also loves that the office is high tech everything; from the virtual tours that allow clients to see the home before ever stepping on the property to the in house photography and digital marketing designs.

Outside of work Naomi is likely to be found spending time with her husband, family and dogs. Prior to meeting Naomi, her husband had never owned a dog. But Naomi is a big animal lover, dedicated to supporting charities that help in animal rescues, so she turned in husband into quite the animal lover. In fact, the couple currently has four dogs; Sugar Pie thats an eleven year old Shih Tzu mix, Mignon whose a six year old Pomeranian mix, Beau whose a five year old Shih Tzu mix and Lylia whose a four year German Shepard mix. Naomi and her family love going out to eat and taking in festivals like plantation, craft, and food ones. 

Naomi's kind and caring personality can beam across room. She is one of those people that when you meet them you instantly feel like you're dear old friends. That is what makes her such an incredible agent because to her your are way more than a client, you are a friend that she will do anything for to find you the perfect home.

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Aug. 15, 2018

Mirambell Realty Welcomes Katie Parrino to the Team

Mirambell Realty has grown again! We are excited to welcome Katie Parrino to the team. She is a lifetime resident of the New Orleans Metro with a special perspective on the area since she has lived in Metairie, Uptown, Lakeview, Bucktown and now resides in Kenner.

She is the loving mother to two little boys, three dogs, and one cat so she understand the unique needs that families with children and/or pets have when it comes to housing. She is driven to help families find their perfect fit when it comes to their home.

Welcome Katie, we look forward to seeing all that you do in your career!

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July 26, 2018

July Monthly Agent Spotlight: Michelle Soliman

Chris Rose once stated, "She is a New Orleans girl and New Orleans girls never live anywhere else and even if they do, they always come back. That's just the way it is. This is where she belongs." The she he was talking about wasn't our wonderful agent Michelle Soliman, but it very well could have been. Michelle was born and raised in the New Orleans Metro area. This city is her home and she loves every ounce of it. If she is not out and about around the city selling Real Estate, then she's out and about around the city with her husband and daughter taking in everything New Orleans has to offer. Michelle loves festivals, parks, the food; basically all the grand aspects of our fair city. She lives for Halloween and Mardi Gras, but it may take you a minute to spot her in the crowds since she's a big fan of costumes and wigs. Her fun spirit emulates all that is New Orleans, but she's not just about having fun. She works hard too.

She loves her job. After her career managing research grants left her wanting more human interaction, she transitioned into a career in Real Estate. She loves that she gets to help people find this wonderful part of their life; their new home. She loves that the job is always changing and providing something new. She is a caring agent who says that during the home buying process she builds a close intimate friendship with her clients and then likes to stay in touch with them afterwards. She enjoys seeing how their lives change over time after they complete their home purchase. Her fun loving spirit does show up in her work life too since she has met more than a few clients out on the parade route. Like the rest of her clients the ones she finds on the parade route have become some of her very good friends. Michelle chose to come to Mirambell Realty because she really enjoys the small brokerage feel. She loves the culture of the office and the closeness of the team.

This bright and bubbly spirited woman is more than just a Real Estate agent. She is an accomplished mother and wife. Michelle has her MBA from University of New Orleans and a Bachelors in marketing, also from University of New Orleans. Her business and marketing background are evident in her strong social media skills. Michelle has an active Facebook account for her Real Estate business. She shares with her follows far more than just her listings, but also helpful tips for homeowners and soon to be homeowners, along with important news from the area. She really enjoys the growing use of technology in the field of Real Estate. She believes it gives clients so much information in a moments notice at their fingertips along with allowing agents to have more tools to better serve their clients.

This New Orleans girl loves everything about the city including the architecture. Her favorite style of home from around the city is the craftsman cottage. She even calls one of the city's craftsman cottages home. She loves the old charm of the homes, the lines in their designs, and the heart of pine floors. She calls the Broadmoor neighborhood home and loves how charming her neighborhood's homes are. Also that she is in walking distance to great eateries, especially since the food of New Orleans is one of her absolute favorite things. Some of her favorite restaurants are St. James Cheese Company and Adolfo's on Frenchman. 

Michelle Soliman almost always is seen with a smile on her face. A joy to have around, she works hard for clients by persistently negotiating the best deal for them. But she also knows how to play too. She is the true embodiment of a New Orleans girl; taking in all that the city has to offer and helping her clients find their homes here. She does all this while raising her sweet daughter, that she shares with her husband that she met at the Bulldog, to bask in the beauty of the city from the festivals to Story Land.

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July 20, 2018

Metal Roof- The Pros and Cons

One of the hardest moments of homeownership is the time when you need to put a new roof on your home. Roofing can an expensive home repair task to take on but there are more options out there now than your standard asphalt shingle roof. One of the roofing types gaining popularity is metal roofs. Metal roofs come with many pros and few cons. The biggest cons being that they cost more and they can be a tad noisier than your standard roof. But if you are willing to make the investment, metal roofs come with many benefits.

The biggest pro of a metal roof is that they last longer. In fact a metal roof is likely to last around fifty years. That is almost double the lifespan of your standard asphalt shingle roof. Asphalt shingles only really last around fifteen to twenty years. They deteriorate over time due to weather, wind, heat, insects and rodents. But a metal roof won't corrode, crack, or catch sparks and ignite from lighting strikes. 

Another big pro is that metal roofs don't require periodic maintenance like other roofing materials. Also metal roofs look all more attractive and add big stylish element to your home.

Metal roofs also are more energy efficient and better for the environment. The metal roof reflects solar radiant heat which makes your cooler costs around 30% lower. If you are planning to more toward solar energy, metal roofs are the ideal material to have under your solar panels. They are also more eco-friendly since metal roofs contain anywhere from 25%-95% of recycled materials and the roofs themselves are 100% recyclable. 

And the last big pro of a metal roof is that they are easy to install. Unlike shingles which need to be individually replaced, metal roofing comes in lightweight panels that can be cut to size. Also, metal roofs can be placed on top of current shingles to cut down on the labor cost of removing the old roofing.

Now with everything good there's always a little bad. The cons of a metal roof are a much smaller list though than its pros. Metal roofs can be a bit noisier than standard shingle roofs. But for extra costs materials can be installed that mitigate the drumming effect of weather and critters pitter pattering on the metal panels. Also another con is that metal roofs do costs more. Metal itself is a more expensive material than asphalt shingles so the roof will cost more than going the standard route. It can cost up to three times as much to instal a metal roof than a standard roof, but consider the lifespan is double for a metal roof in the long run the costs aren't that big of a con. Lastly the big con is that in areas of extreme weather, for example a place where heavy hail storms or violent weather occur, your metal roof could become dented. While the possibility of denting may occur it should be noted that this is merely a cosmetic issue and would not damage the functionality of your roof.

If you want to see a metal roof in person check out one of our latest listings. The home at 4026 Metairie Heights comes with a beautifully installed metal roof. So the new owners will get all the benefits of these stylish new roofs without the costs of adding it to their home!

(Images used in this article are from our listing at 4026 Metairie Heights)

*Information in this article is from

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July 20, 2018

The Brady Bunch House Hits the Market!

One of the most iconic pop culture homes has hit the market this week in California. The home located in Studio City was made famous when it was shown on during the opening and closing credits of the classic family television series, The Brady Bunch, during the 1970s. 

This home is by far one of the most recognizable homes in the United States. In fact it is the second most photographed home in the country, falling just behind the White House.

While the exterior of the home may draw on buyers fond memories of viewing one of America's favorite TV families, the interior will not pull out the same memories. The home was used in filming of the television show for exterior shots only and the interior home shots were filmed on a sound stage.

This pop culture classic home does come with that perfectly persevered 1970s decor style and sits on a massive 12,500 sq. ft. lot. The home borders the Los Angeles River, giving the property a special street-to-river orientation. The current owners purchased the home during the peak of the Brady Bunch filming. They bought the home in 1973 for $61,000, now 45 years later the home is back on the market for an asking price of $1,885,000.

Though America's favorite blended family never truly called this abode home, it is still exciting that a pop culture landmark will be opening the doors to a new family soon!

More images of the home and it's listing information can be found here: Zillow

*Sources for this article: and

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July 12, 2018

What can you get in the $700k-$850k price range around the country?

Everyone know that when it comes to homes it is all about location, location, location. And we can even see that homes can vary in size and price depending on the neighborhood in our city alone. But what can you get for between $700,000 to around $850,000 around the country?

Let's first see what you can get right here in the New Orleans Metro. Take for example one of our own lovely listings. 4026 Metairie Heights Ave, Metairie, LA 70002. This incredible five bedroom, three and half bath home can be yours for $850,000. It boast 4,850 square feet of living space, a saltwater pool, formal dining area, heated master bath floors, and a bonus cabana that has central air and its own kitchen. This one of a kind home as a chef's dream kitchen and is on an oversized levee lot. The home is full of unique and wonderful touches, like the beautiful koi pond in the main entrance foyer. To see more on this home check it out here!


Now outside of New Orleans Metro how far will your dollar go?

How about this lovely one bedroom, one and half bath furnished condo in the Trump Towers in Chicago? This little beauty at 401 North Wabash Ave, Unit 68B, Chicago, IL, will run you $740,000, and additional cost for parking and an additional $763 monthly HOA fee. This condo boasts 10 foot floor to ceiling windows that look out onto the Windy City. Living in the condo also comes with five star amenities like room service and use of the spa and gym. This home is listed by the Chicago brokerage OptionRealty Group


What if you are looking in the Emerald City? Take this cute home at 3027 NE 92nd St in Seatle, Washington. This 1,980 square foot will run you $799,950. The four bedroom, two bath home is full of sweet 1950s charm. It comes with a partially finished basement, a one care garage, and some great new updates like a new roof! This home is listed through Keller Williams of Downtown Seattle.


Let's take this home tour now to the east coast. How about a tranquil home in North Carolina. Anyone would find it quite easy to relax in this 3,747 square foot home located on the water at 501 Haywood Creek Dr., Trent Woods, North Carolina. This exquisite home was just reduced in price to $762,000. It boasts four bedrooms, five bathrooms. It sits on just over an acre of land and has not just a patio, but a covered porch and its own dock too! This home is listed with Next Jen Real Estate in North Carolina.


Now what about Florida. Well in the Sunshine State you can snag this quaint estate for just $825,000. 6115 Guilford Dr. in New Port Richey, Florida. This 4,466 square foot home is nestled in a gated community and sits on just under an acre of land that has access to the Gulf via the Anciote River. The home features five bedrooms and three baths. It also has a private boathouse and dock. This home is provided by Ashton Realty Group.


And for our last home in this nationwide showcase, let us take you up to the East Coast. This cozy abode just outside the Poconos Mountains in Northern Pennsylvania can be yours for just $739,900. This 7,880 square foot home is located at 253 Windsor Way in Moscow, Pennsylvania. This sprawling ranch sits on 7 acres of land. The main house has a master wing with dual walk in closets. The au pair suite has its own living room, dining room laundry and full kitchen. This home is provided by Classic Properties in Pennsylvania.

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June 27, 2018

Ready to Move From Renter to Owner? Here's a Step by Step Guide

Preparing to buy your first home can be quite daunting. Luckily the writers for have taken the time to write up a handy step by step guide to make home buying a little easier for first time buyers.


Information provided by; Click the link to see more.

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June 26, 2018

June Monthly Agent Spotlight: Jared Fousch

Jared is a long time veteran of the real estate game. He has been an agent with Mirambell Realty since he began his career in real estate. Prior to selling homes, Jared worked as an engineer. He was laid off of his engineering job and took to his love of homes for a new career. After Katrina happened he found himself renovating and investing in homes. This led to him adding the role of Realtor to his repertoire. 

Jared and Craig Mirambell had crossed paths through Jared's work with home investing. When he began to think about adding the role of realtor to his many talents, he reached out to Craig. The two built a close friendship and Jared felt comfortable in getting into real estate with Craig as his broker. Jared loves the closeness and family atmosphere of Mirambell Realty. The general camaraderie of the group within the office makes Mirambell the perfect place for Jared to work. He also enjoys how hands on Craig is as a broker and always there to help Jared and the other agents.

It is no surprise that Jared would end up in real estate though. When you listen to him talk about the homes of New Orleans you can see he truly has an unrivaled passion; not just for the city itself but for its incredible architecture. There is no realistic way for Jared to choose a favorite home style of New Orleans. Whether it is the grand big victorian homes of the Garden District or the craftsman shotguns of Bayou St. John; Jared loves are the nuisances and details of the homes of this city. He loves the architecture of New Orleans so much in fact his favorite book is on that subject. Guests in his home can easily spot the Lloyd Vogt book, "New Orleans Houses: A House-Watchers Guide" proudly displayed on his coffee table at all times. That love of home design only adds to his love of his career. He gets to find his clients the homes that are just right for them all while taking in the historic aspects of the city.

When Jared is running around the city showing homes and basking in the impressive architecture he can likely be found at the track, Fairground Race Track that is. Jared loves to site back and enjoy an afternoon beverage while watching the horse races. He also enjoys a good round of golf. And like any true New Orleanian he enjoys to eat. Cooking and eating are two big hobbies of Jared's. Presently Jared is taking on a keto diet plan which has led him to be creative in getting in his classic Louisiana dishes. Impressively he recently cooked up some jambalaya using cauliflower rice. His love of cooking has allowed him to get pretty creative in the kitchen.

Jared also is a loving father to two little girls. He came from a family of all boys so it was a big adjustment to go from the ballparks to dance class. But Jared is always beaming with pride with his daughters by his side even in the dance studio.

Jared Fousch is a veteran here at Mirambell but really he is just getting started. He plans to only further his career and watch it grow each year, all while enjoying his time with his family and this great city.

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June 7, 2018

Happy Birthday New Orleans!

Throughout the 2018 year everyone has been celebrating the 300th birthday of our beloved city. It's hard to believe that this fair city has made 300. We at Mirambell love helping our clients find their homes throughout the city, but in honor of this momentous birthday we wanted to celebrate by sharing some of our favorite things about the Crescent City.

Here are just some of the countless reasons why the Mirambell Realty agents love New Orleans:

"I love the free festivals...such as French Quarter Fest and Oyster Fest!"~Jennifer Nice

"Jazz Fest for sure!!"~Colleen Dupepe

"My kids love it when our family rides the streetcar and eats at Camellia Grill"~Michelle Rousse

"I love the delicious food, the amazing music, the French Quarter and the eclectic New Orleans neighborhoods."~Karla Copping

"Architecture!!! Nothings says New Orleans like the design of the home here, French, Spanish, Italian and German style homes are signatures all over this town. Nothing like it anywhere else!"~Naomi Corass

"Saints, Pelicans, French Quarter Fest, restaurants and bars, live music in the Marigny, oak tree lined streets"~Craig Mirambell

"Food, culture, music"~Garrett Pizzaloto

"Festivals! There's at least one a weekend & so many events. I live for festival and you will catch me at most of them. I'll go with my husband, with friends, with my daughter, all of the above, or sometimes by myself. I've never lived more than 30 miles outside of the city so I'm still figuring out that some things I consider normal are totally not normal and they only happen in our little bubble."~Michelle Soliman

"The big city but small town feel, I love that I can be in the middle of one of the world's biggest parties like Mardi Gras and just run into random people I know. Oh and of course the food. Our food is amazing!"~Christine Sim

"Street names! Never have I been to another city with such unique street names, or pronunciations. When I have friends in town they can never say street names like Burgundy, Derbigny, or Calliope correctly. They even struggle with easier ones like Bonnabel or Esplanade. I won't ever ask them to say Tchoupitoulas!"~George Molaison

"The culture, the architecture and energy that the city brings with everything we do!"~Robyn Bruno

"I love walking on the riverfront and listening to the street musicians."~Mary Dominach

So whether is strolling through the Quarter, taking your kids to Story Land in City Park, getting beignets on a Saturday morning, catching beads and throws at a parade, joining friends at the Fly for a boil, taking the streetcar down St. Charles, or sipping on drinks on the front porch shaded by an old oak tree...there are endless things to do and love about New Orleans.

Happy birthday darlin', you are looking fantastic for 300 and we can't wait to enjoy the next 300 with you!



*Mirambell Realty does not own rights to any of the images used. They have been borrowed for non-commerical use from the following sources: First Image, Second Image, Third Image, Fourth Image, Fifth Image, Sixth Image, Seventh Image

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June 4, 2018

Congratulations to Craig Mirambell on Realtor of the Year!

Mirambell Realty's owner and broker, Craig Mirambell was awarded last week with the incredible honor of Realtor of the Year by the New Orleans Metropolitan Association of Realtors (NOMAR). Craig had been nominated for this wonderful award and was selected as the winner for his selfless service to NOMAR and its members.

We are all so proud of Craig here at the Mirambell Realty office. Congratulations again Craig Mirambell!

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