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June 7, 2018

Happy Birthday New Orleans!

Throughout the 2018 year everyone has been celebrating the 300th birthday of our beloved city. It's hard to believe that this fair city has made 300. We at Mirambell love helping our clients find their homes throughout the city, but in honor of this momentous birthday we wanted to celebrate by sharing some of our favorite things about the Crescent City.

Here are just some of the countless reasons why the Mirambell Realty agents love New Orleans:

"I love the free festivals...such as French Quarter Fest and Oyster Fest!"~Jennifer Nice

"Jazz Fest for sure!!"~Colleen Dupepe

"My kids love it when our family rides the streetcar and eats at Camellia Grill"~Michelle Rousse

"I love the delicious food, the amazing music, the French Quarter and the eclectic New Orleans neighborhoods."~Karla Copping

"Architecture!!! Nothings says New Orleans like the design of the home here, French, Spanish, Italian and German style homes are signatures all over this town. Nothing like it anywhere else!"~Naomi Corass

"Saints, Pelicans, French Quarter Fest, restaurants and bars, live music in the Marigny, oak tree lined streets"~Craig Mirambell

"Food, culture, music"~Garrett Pizzaloto

"Festivals! There's at least one a weekend & so many events. I live for festival and you will catch me at most of them. I'll go with my husband, with friends, with my daughter, all of the above, or sometimes by myself. I've never lived more than 30 miles outside of the city so I'm still figuring out that some things I consider normal are totally not normal and they only happen in our little bubble."~Michelle Soliman

"The big city but small town feel, I love that I can be in the middle of one of the world's biggest parties like Mardi Gras and just run into random people I know. Oh and of course the food. Our food is amazing!"~Christine Sim

"Street names! Never have I been to another city with such unique street names, or pronunciations. When I have friends in town they can never say street names like Burgundy, Derbigny, or Calliope correctly. They even struggle with easier ones like Bonnabel or Esplanade. I won't ever ask them to say Tchoupitoulas!"~George Molaison

"The culture, the architecture and energy that the city brings with everything we do!"~Robyn Bruno

"I love walking on the riverfront and listening to the street musicians."~Mary Dominach

So whether is strolling through the Quarter, taking your kids to Story Land in City Park, getting beignets on a Saturday morning, catching beads and throws at a parade, joining friends at the Fly for a boil, taking the streetcar down St. Charles, or sipping on drinks on the front porch shaded by an old oak tree...there are endless things to do and love about New Orleans.

Happy birthday darlin', you are looking fantastic for 300 and we can't wait to enjoy the next 300 with you!



*Mirambell Realty does not own rights to any of the images used. They have been borrowed for non-commerical use from the following sources: First Image, Second Image, Third Image, Fourth Image, Fifth Image, Sixth Image, Seventh Image

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June 4, 2018

Congratulations to Craig Mirambell on Realtor of the Year!

Mirambell Realty's owner and broker, Craig Mirambell was awarded last week with the incredible honor of Realtor of the Year by the New Orleans Metropolitan Association of Realtors (NOMAR). Craig had been nominated for this wonderful award and was selected as the winner for his selfless service to NOMAR and its members.

We are all so proud of Craig here at the Mirambell Realty office. Congratulations again Craig Mirambell!

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May 23, 2018

May Monthly Agent Spotlight: Robyn Bruno

Many past and present clients already know this wonderful lady who has been an agent with Mirambell for quite some time. Her presence is well known because she works so hard, not just as our clients agent but also as their friend. So for the May monthly agent spotlight we'd like to take a moment to let everyone get to know Robyn Bruno.

Robyn has been an agent since her college days came to an end. And through her journey of her career in Real Estate, Robyn has come to learn quite a bit. She says that 9 out of 10 agents fail their first year. And despite her amazing success over the last few years. When she was graduating college and looking for a way out of her mall job that could make her some money, she fell into that standard statistic. She was one of the 9 out of 10 agents who failed during their first year. Her strength in character though drove her to fight to get back into the game and she has been rocking and rolling every since.

She found in her self working at Mirambell Realty after learning that the her first brokerage would be closing. About a week before her wedding and the end of the year she learned that in order to stay in Real Estate she would have to find a new broker and fast. She luckily knew Craig, owner of Mirambell Realty, through YPN (Young Professionals Network) and reached out to him. Though unfortunate circumstances brought her onto the MBell Team, it was the best move she made. Since those early days with Mirambell she has expanded her clientele and has gotten her broker license. She is now an associate broker at Mirambell Realty and hopes to one day have a team of her own working under her within the Mirambell office.

Robyn is a true Nola Gal, as her social media presence proclaims, she was born and raised here. Her entire family is here in the New Orleans metro, in fact her, her twin brother, her younger and older brothers and her mother all live within a mile of each other. She loves this city from it's unique colorful creole cottages to the emerging new build modern homes. She loves the festivals and happy hours. But most of all she loves her job. She loves that she gets to befriend her clients and help them through such a momentous moment in their life, either buying or selling their home. Her business is no longer primarily focussed on first time homebuyers but she says they can be some of the most rewarding clients to work with. They are just so fun and so excited and she is so honored to share in their joy of becoming homebuyers as she navigates the Real Estate market with them.

Outside of work Robyn often finds herself very busy. In recent years her life has shifted more to family mode as her and her husband now have to small children at home. But when she can find the time she loves to put her feet to the pavement, literally. Robyn has always prided herself on being an avid runner and even with two little ones she still finds time to enjoy her runs occasionally. She also enjoys to read motivational and self improvement books. She enjoys her time outside work with her family and friends also. She says she's always really loved the work that St. Jude does, and since the birth of her children her support of St. Jude has only grown more.

Robyn Bruno is an incredible real estate agent. She is a smiling face many of us at Mirambell are used to seeing in the office. The culture of the office and her respect for Craig are some of the many things that Robyn loves about working at Mirambell. But what many of the homebuyers in the New Orleans metro love is that Mirambell has an agent like Robyn who moves from their real estate agent at the behind of the real estate transaction to by closing has become a true friend.

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May 15, 2018

Single Women Are Out-buying Men in Homeownership

You might not expect it but it a recent study has found that single women are purchasing homes an condos at more than double the rate of single males. Last year single women made up 18% of all home purchases while single men accounted for only 7%. In fact, single women are the second largest segment of home purchasers, just behind married couples. Talk about girl power! Single women purchasers include never-married individuals, widows, and divorcees.

This trend in the market shows no sign of slowing down. And homebuilders are taking notice. Homebuilding companies are starting to build with single women in mind. They are building home and subdivision to appeal to women's preferences. For example one development, in North Carolina with McKee Homes, up to 50% of the homes purchased are by single women in their 30s, 40s, or older.

This trend is due in large part to the fact that single women are viewing homeownership as a smarter investment. In fact, not only are single women purchasing more homes than single men but they are investment more in their home purchases too. Single women tend to pay on average $185,000 nationwide for their home purchases whereas single men are only investing on average $175,000 in their home purchase.

Rising rents are a large motivating factor behind this trend. The rising rents nationwide are pushing single women into homeownership. For a survey conducted by Builders Digital Experience, a research and publishing firm, 23% of single women involved in the survey cited that the rising rents where a trigger for them to purchase a home. This was a greater percentage than the 16% average of all recent home buyers surveyed. 

Go get it ladies!

*Information for this article was obtained by: Realtor Mag

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May 14, 2018

WWII Museum to Add Canopy of Peace

Earlier this year the World War II Museum began construction to add a "Canopy of Peace". The 825-ton structure will cost an estimated $14 million and will join the New Orleans skyline later this year.

The structure will be 482-feet long, 1350-feat wide and have steel latticework supporting its Teflon-coated fiberglass panels. It will be held up by four steel legs anchored in more than 1260 cubic yards of concrete. At night the Canopy of Peace will be illuminated by an exterior LED lighting system similar to those used at sport stadiums. The Solomon Group is handing the light aspects of the project.

This unique structural project began in early April and is scheduled for completion by November. The museum officials say that this new structural addition will change the look of the downtown museum. The museum president and CEO, Stephen Watson, said, "The Canopy is really going to stun our visitors and our local community members as soon as we begin construction and they see it going up. I don't think anyone can really imagine what it's going to be--you can tell people about it, but until the see it, they're not really going to believe it."

The funds to create the Canopy were gifted to the museum by longtime museum trustee Donald "Boysie" Bollinger and his wife Joy.

The engineering services are being provided by Thornton Tomassetti, and Voorsanger Mathes LLC is handling the design work. Boh Bros. is in charge of the piling, and The Lemoine Compnay is handling the structure's foundation.

The Canopy of Peace will make a beautiful and unique addition to the New Orleans skyline.


Article information and photos provided by: New Orleans City Business

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April 25, 2018

Ready to Buy? Top Tips For First Time Buyers in the Spring Housing Market

Spring is an amazing time. The weather is beautiful. The sun is out, flowers are blooming, festivals are happening. It's definitely a special time of year. And every spring another common thing happens; the housing market heats up. So if you are ready to make the leap into home ownership this spring here are some tips to land your first amazing home!

1. Be Prepared to Make an Offer

Don't start shopping for a home until you are ready to make an offer. In the busy spring housing market great homes can go quick so you need to be ready to act when you find that right place. Before you start seeing homes make sure you have been pre-approved for a loan first. Not only will this give you a better idea of you can truly afford, but it will allow you to make an offer the moment you fall in love with that mid-century ranch with the great built-in bookcases. There is nothing more heartbreaking than finding the right home and then finding out you can't actually afford it. So take the time to reach out to lenders early and get yourself pre-approved.

2. Look Into the Comps

"Comps", or comparable neighborhood sales, will tell you whether the price of the home you are looking at is at fair market value. Knowing the comps will allow you to adjust your offer on a home accordingly with the value of the home. A home that is drastically underpriced may require a lot of renovations or has problems that you wouldn't be aware of right away. Comps provide a baseline for how houses should be priced; if the home is underpriced or overpriced it can be a red flag of issues to come.

3. Have a Backup Plan

Sometimes you fall madly in love with home, make an offer and that offer is rejected. It's not an enjoyable moment, but it can happen. Keep an open mind while home shopping. Look at more than one home before making your decision. And be ready and willing to keep looking if an offer you made doesn't go through.

4. Consider Housing Alternatives

Sometimes a traditional single-family home may not be the best solution for your first purchase. Maybe you love a particular neighborhood but a single-family home in that neighborhood could be well out of reach for your first time home buying purchase. Look into condos. Condos can allow you to save money as you are starting out. They usually come with lower asking prices, which means lower down payments. They can help you grow your equity and purchase the dream home in the future. Another idea to consider is purchasing a home warranty. This will help you cover any unexpected expense associated with homeownership.

5. Take Advantage of Programs

As a first-time homebuyer you are in a special and wonderful position. There are loads of programs out there designed specifically to help first time buyers! Look into the various programs and see how they can help you. You might be able to access grant funds to put towards your down payment or towards building equity on the home.


Buying your first home, especially in the busy spring housing market can be a stressful time. But you should be able to enjoy the experience of such a special moment in your life if you take the time to plan well, consider your options, and take your time. Reach out to any one of our agents today and they can help start you on the path to enter the real estate market!


Information and image for this article are obtained by: RIS Media

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April 19, 2018

April Monthly Agent Spotlight: Lindsey Calogero

Born and raised in the Lakeview neighborhood of New Orleans, Lindsey has always been intrigued by Real Estate. She grew up fascinated by the unique architecture of not just her neighborhood, but of how each neighborhood throughout the city had their own distinct style. As she said, “I can walk into a home blindfolded and tell its an Uptown home or Lakeview home, or a Garden District, etc.” That love for the unique characteristics of the varying New Orleans neighborhoods drew Lindsey towards a career in Real Estate.

In her first year in Real Estate Lindsey brought in close to a million dollars in sales. Her career in Real Estate builds on her experience in sales and utilizes her business degree from University of New Orleans. She loves that this career lets her meet so many people from all walks of life. She loves seeing the quickness of individuals as they seek out their next place to call home. Lindsey enjoys finding what works for each buyer as one aspect of a home may work for one but that same home feature could be an absolute no go for another buyer. It is a humbling experience for her to help shape the lives of her buyers by finding them their home.


Lindsey’s sweet, friendly and personable charm is what makes her such a joy to work with. She treats everyone she works with as her friend, which reassures buyers that she truly has their best interest in mind. Her kind and bubbly personality really set her apart from other agents in the field.

Outside of Real Estate you’re liking to catch Lindsey zig-zagging about the city. The doting mother of three boys has her hands full with her children’s athletic activities. Her one son is in travel basket ball, baseball for this school and baseball for the ballpark. Her other son is doing flag football and baseball. And her eldest is about to graduate from high school. Lindsey also helps her husband by handling the marketing campaigns for his law firm. Despite the hectic schedule between selling homes, tackling marketing campaigns, and juggling sport schedules; Lindsey still finds time to enjoy the various festivals around the city. She also likes to sneak some time into her busy schedule to indulge in her guilty pleasure of some reality TV. She can be caught time to time taking in some “Don’t Be Tardy” as the over the top drama and personalties absolutely crack Lindsey up. Lindsey also likes to find ways to give back to her community. She particularly loves giving to the March of Dimes, as her youngest son was also a premie and spent seven weeks in the NICU. Lindsey also loves to shop, exercise and go to brunch with her girlfriends.


In fact, it was the close relationship with one of the girlfriends that she often hits the gym and brunches with that led Lindsey to Mirambell Realty. Her close friend, and now fellow Realtor, Karla Copping, introduced Lindsey to Craig Mirambell. Lindsey knew that working for Mirambell would be the best fit for her as she was drawn to the smaller boutique style brokerage and that MBell was a modern, professional technology driven brokerage.

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April 5, 2018

Michelle Rousse has Top Sale of the Week

A recent city business article showcased the highest sales for the week of March 16-21. Mirambell Realty's agent, Michelle Rousse had the top sale for the week with the closing on her listing at 59 Beresford. The $1.275 million dollar sale, in the gated Metairie community, is a beautiful 7,052 sq. ft. home with five bedrooms, four and a half baths. Congratulations Michelle on the amazing sale!

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April 4, 2018

Mirambell Realty Welcomes the Holden Group

Mirambell Realty has grown again! We are excited to announce that the Holden Group has joined the MBell Team. They have hit the ground running and have already listed properties with the brokerage. We are thrilled to have them on our team and can't wait to see what their future holds. Welcome to Mirambell Realty, Chelsea Dreyer and Porter Holden! We're beyond happy that the Holden Group has found their home here.

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April 2, 2018

Michelle Soliman Named One to Watch by City Business

In the latest issue of City Business Mirambell Realty’s own Michelle Soliman was featured as a “One to Watch” in Real Estate. The article discussed how Michelle has been one of the top producers since joining the Mirambell team and how she is a constant sales earner. Congratulations Michelle on the honor!


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