Broadmoor is a subdistrict of the Uptown/Carrollton Area. Its boundaries are defined by Eve St to the north, Washington Ave and Toledo St to the east, South Claiborne Ave to the south, and Jefferson Ave, South Rocheblave St, Nashville Ave, and Octavia St to the west. It includes the Broadmoor Historic District which was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2003 and increased in its boundaries in 2007.



Broadmoor is low lying ground in New Orleans, and was only substantially developed beginning in the early 20th century after improved drainage was initiated. Before being developed the area was a large marsh and was used as a fishing spot for Uptowners. Early construction was mostly high raised houses, but after decades with little flood problems, more low lying residential structure were built in Broadmoor. During the early 1920s a sharp population increase occurred in Broadmoor. Over one third of Broadmoor's houses and the Wilson School, the first public school in Broadmoor, were built during that decade.

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