The Marigny, often referred to as Faubourg Marigny, is a subdistrict of the Bywater District Area. It’s boundaries are defined as being North Rampart Street and St. Claude Avenue to the north, Franklin Avenue to the east, the Mississippi River to the south and Esplanade Avenue to the west. The area further back from Rampart/St. Claude to Claiborne Avenue is sometimes called “New Marigny”, the name dating back to the early 19th century. The lower boundary, with the Bywater neighborhood, is either Press Street (a traditional boundary that is along the railroad tracks) or Franklin Avenue (the upper boundary of the city’s 9th Ward).


In the 19th century, Marigny was the old Third Municipality of New Orleans. The Marigny was laid out in the first decade of the 19th century on Creole plantation land just down river from the old city limits of New Orleans. Wide Elysian Fields Avenue, named after the Champs-Élysées in Paris, was designed to be the main street of the Faubourg Marigny. Frenchmen Street developed one of the city’s premier collections of live music venues and restaurants, and is a popular destination with music lovers from other parts of the city and knowledgeable out-of-town visitors in the early 21st century. The area is filled with quaint, colorful New Orleans style homes- many which have been turned into impromptu art galleries, restaurants and various other small business shops. The Marigny is one of the centers for homegrown New Orleans Mardi Gras parades and events.

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