Metairie is the area around I-10 between the southern shore of Lake Ponchartrain and Airline Highway. Kenner borders Metairie to the west and New Orleans in the East.  Roosevelt Boulevard is the dividing road between Kenner and Metairie, while the 17th Street Canal separates Metairie and New Orleans.


Metairie is not an official city and does not have a local government. Metairie Ridge was briefly incorporated in the early 20th century in order to obtain gas service for residents. Since 1928, Metairie has existed as an unincorporated suburbia.  The town’s population is shifting from overwhelmingly residential to include a greater mix of commercial businesses.


Many commute into Metairie using the 24 mile twin-span connecting north shore residents to the larger cities. Metairie is growing more commercial and boasts two large malls- Clearview and Lakeside Shopping Centers. Veterans Boulevard runs through Metairie and into bordering Kenner. Many restaurants, office spaces, and retail centers are located along Veterans. Numerous parks and quality public and private schools attract residents to the area. Metairie boasts a more family-friendly Mardi Gras celebration. An area of Metairie called ‘Fat City’ houses numerous restaurants and is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the greater New Orleans metro.

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