Mid-City is located, as the name indicates, in the middle of New Orleans. It is positioned on what was once the back slope of the Mississippi River natural levee, a gradually declining section of the river’s flood plain.  Its boundaries as defined by the City Planning Commission are: City Park Avenue, Toulouse Street, North Carrollton and Orleans Avenues, Bayou St. John and St. Louis Street to the north, North Broad Street to the east, and the Pontchartrain Expressway to the west.


Mid-City was previously known as the “back ‘o town” because of it’s relation to the the natural levees along which the city of New Orleans was developed. Turpentine works, lumberyards and other industries flourished in this area- particularly along the New Basin Canal and along Canal Street. Thestreetcar that linked Canal Street to the Central Business District from 1861 to 1964 was restored in 2004 and continues to transport local commuters around the city.Mid-City streets are often decorated with beautiful oak trees. This area is home to some of New Orleans’ great city treasures such as City Park, The New Orleans Museum of Art and the Besthoff Sculpture Garden. Mid-City has it’s own Mardi Gras parading society, The Krewe of Mid-City, which is one of the oldest carnival marching organizations in the New Orleans.

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