Karla Copping has been with Mirambell Realty for years now. She one of the first people to jump on board with Craig when he ventured off into the idea of selling real estate in the modern way. Karla loved the forward thinking and technology based ideas that Craig had. As the years have passed and Mirambell has grown she continues to love that the brokerage keeps looking forward and that the team working her is not only always willing to lend a hand or help out, but also the vibrant and fun atmosphere of the office.

Karla began her career in real estate after she fell in love with the process during the transaction for buying her first home. She first worked in mortgage lending but loved the real estate side of the transaction so much she parlayed into being an agent.

After a decade in the field, Karla still loves the industry. She loves being able to interact with other people and helping her clients fulfill their dreams of owning a home. She loves the joy she sees in people being able to purchase a home. She is a determined agent throughout the process and feels that good deal can be achieved by all involved in the transaction. Her persistence to get the deal to the closing table is a key attribution to her success in the field.

Karla also loves the homes themselves. Especially the older homes of the Victorian era. She is a fan of the sheer artistry and craftsmanship of the creole cottages of New Orleans with their ornate corbels and finite details.

Outside of working, Karla is a doting mother to three children. She has two boys, 18 and 8 and a daughter that's 14. She keeps herself busy running around with them, attending their sporting events and school activities. She loves to travel with her family every where from ski trips to taking cruises. If Karla can get away she would likely be found at beach, an avid lover of the salty air and warm weather. She is a bright, fun, spirit who enjoys a good time out with friends, especially if the event allows her to dress up. A good excuse to wear a costume is always a fun time to her. She loves attending balls and galas and getting dress to the nines. She also loves watching and attending sporting events.

As Karla's children continue to grow, the eldest is heading off to college next fall, she finds herself with more and more time to focus on her career in real estate and truly branch out within the field. Karla Copping is a kind and caring person whose bright smile can light up any room, she loves to surround herself with her dearest family and friends, and here at Mirambell we are blessed to be a part of her circle.