Did you know when buying a home in the New Orleans area, you are extremely limited on homeowners insurance options to protect your home.  There are no standard line companies that will accept fuses in the electrical system. Circuit breakers are necessary to obtain coverage with all of companies as this is a prerequisite of their guidelines. If the home your ar purchasing still has fuses, homeowner’s and rental properties can only choose LA Citizens as an alternative option resulting in a higher premium. Please keep in mind LA Citizens is the insurer of last resort. This means a higher premium and less service, typically.

 Writing a split policy with a reputable carrier and the wind/hail being with LA Citizens is not an option as the primary carrier would still require the home to have circuit breakers. As discussed, in the past this isn’t the most favorable way to go in my opinion as there are some gaps in coverage when we have a split policy in place. 

Keep this in mind during your home search and inspections. It truly benefits the buyer to have an update electrical box.

For my insurance needs, i alway turn to Ray Labat @ Riverland’s Insurance. Service is hands down and there are plenty of options.

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