Congratulations on your soon to be wedding,  as you very well know, your wedding is going to be a great experience for you both.  I wish you all the best.

I assume you two need a new place to start your family. You may be coming from your parents, maybe 2 rentals, maybe 2 homes you own.  Either way,   I can help with this journey.  Whether you plan on renting or buying, I can begin sending you emails or showing you properties in person.  Most of the newlyweds I help elect to have emails sent to them of homes they may be interested in.  From there, they can sit at home and flip though houses without leaving their computer.  From that point we can go see properties you two may be interested in and hopefully find the perfect house.

There are plenty of incentives right now for 1st time home buyers and some for those who already own a home.  Allow me to tell you about these programs.

Many people believe you need money down to buy a house.  This is not true!  There are loans available for first time home buyers that require nothing down and have neither fees nor penalties.  With the assistance of  a mortgage banker, we have a program in place to assist those who are first time home buyers with poor credit, no credit, and/or no money down.

I was once in your shoes  and can understand the hectic time of planning a wedding, when you get a second consider your new home.  Give me a call, or drop me an email.  Let me show you some homes you and your fiancée can be living in immediately after your wedding.

Good Luck, Happy Planning, Enjoy your Moment!