A big expense when buying a home is homeowner’s insurance.  Since Katrina, insurance prices have skyrocketed.  Over the last couple of years, more companies have started writing new policies, which has helped lower prices for the consumer.  I for one, can tell you first hand, the value of property insurance.  Termites had eaten away at the huge water oak tree at Mirambell Realty. Recently, I was called by a

[nggallery id=2]neighbor that a huge branch had fallen on the building as well as the company trailer.  Sure enough, called insurance, and the damage from the termite infested tree was covered.  The cost of the still standing tree was not paid, but all damages and removal of the large branch were covered.  Not that we have a choice in obtaining insurance when buying with a mortgage, but you can at least have peace of mind that your property will be covered from things other than hail storms and hurricanes.