How do I apply for Homestead Exemption in Jefferson Parish?

You must apply in person, at the East Jefferson office in Elmwood or the West Jefferson office in Gretna, and you must bring a recorded copy of the act of sale. This copy will include the conveyance numbers (number of the book and page on which the sale is recorded at the office of conveyance); you will receive it in the mail from the notary who handled the closing.  You will also need a copy of your photo ID.

New Gretna Courthouse
200 Derbigny Street, Suite 1100
Gretna, LA 70053
(504) 362-4100

Yenni Building
1221 Elmwood Park Blvd. Suite 901
Harahan, LA 70123
(504) 736-6370   8:30 A.M. until 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday

What is the Homestead Exemption?

The original homestead exemption was created many years ago. Its intention was to exempt as many homes as possible from the payment of property taxes. In 1980, voters, statewide, approved an increase in the homestead exemption to its current level of $75,000.

The homestead exemption allows that the first $7500 of assessed value on an owner occupied home will be exempt from property taxation.

The homestead exemption is permanent as long as the homeowner continues to own and permanently reside at that location. If the owner moves to another location or sells the property, the homestead exemption on that property will be canceled.

Only one homestead exemption in the State of Louisiana can be granted on a home that is owned and permanently occupied as a domicile. A homestead exemption cannot be applied to a property that is not permanently occupied by its owner.

How is my property value determined?
A variety of tools are used to assess a property’s value based on whether the property is residential or commercial, and whether or not the property produces income for the owner. When accurate and sufficient data is available, analyzing the sales prices of homes within a neighborhood is useful for setting residential value. However, size, depreciation schedules, construction costs, income and expense data may also play a part when determining a property’s value.

To estimate Jefferson Parish annual taxes:

With Homestead Exemption:
Assessed Value – $75,000 (homestead exemption) = Exempt Value
10% of Exempt Value = Taxable Value
Taxable Value x Parish Millage (from table below) = Total Annual Parish TaxIf property is located in one of the locations requiring a city tax (check table below), the city tax is calculated on 10% of the entire assessed value (no exemption). The only exception is Kenner, which does allow homestead exemption on the city tax portion.

Example for a house at $300,000 with Homestead Exemption in the city limits of Gretna:
$300,000 – $75,000 = $225,000
10% of $225,000 = $22,500 (Taxable Parish Value)
$22,500 x 0.06338 = $1426.05 (Parish Tax)
10% of $300,000 = $30,000 (Taxable City Value)
$30,000 x 0.05113 = $1533.90 (City Tax)
$1426.05 + $1533.90 = $2959.95 (Total Tax)

Jefferson Parish 2007 Tax Table
1-2-3 Gretna City 0.06338 0.05113
1-2 Out Gretna 0.11067  
3 Out Harvey 0.11538  
4 Harvey 0.11713  
4-1 Marrero 0.11713  
4-2 Ames 0.11713  
4-3 Ames #2 0.11713  
4-4 Westwego 0.06338 0.02633
4-5 Nine Mile Point 0.11864  
5 Avondale / Waggaman 0.11864  
6 Lafitte 0.10906  
11 Grand Isle City 0.10103 0.01209
7 Jefferson 0.11264  
8-1 Old Metairie 0.11264  
8-2 Metairie 0.11264  
9-1 Metairie 0.10763  
9-2 Kenner 0.06595 0.02393
9-3 Harahan 0.06679 0.01581

*All information is based on information provided by the Jefferson Parish Assessor’s Office website ( , the Crescent City Title website ( and