Chris Rose once stated, "She is a New Orleans girl and New Orleans girls never live anywhere else and even if they do, they always come back. That's just the way it is. This is where she belongs." The she he was talking about wasn't our wonderful agent Michelle Soliman, but it very well could have been. Michelle was born and raised in the New Orleans Metro area. This city is her home and she loves every ounce of it. If she is not out and about around the city selling Real Estate, then she's out and about around the city with her husband and daughter taking in everything New Orleans has to offer. Michelle loves festivals, parks, the food; basically all the grand aspects of our fair city. She lives for Halloween and Mardi Gras, but it may take you a minute to spot her in the crowds since she's a big fan of costumes and wigs. Her fun spirit emulates all that is New Orleans, but she's not just about having fun. She works hard too.

She loves her job. After her career managing research grants left her wanting more human interaction, she transitioned into a career in Real Estate. She loves that she gets to help people find this wonderful part of their life; their new home. She loves that the job is always changing and providing something new. She is a caring agent who says that during the home buying process she builds a close intimate friendship with her clients and then likes to stay in touch with them afterwards. She enjoys seeing how their lives change over time after they complete their home purchase. Her fun loving spirit does show up in her work life too since she has met more than a few clients out on the parade route. Like the rest of her clients the ones she finds on the parade route have become some of her very good friends. Michelle chose to come to Mirambell Realty because she really enjoys the small brokerage feel. She loves the culture of the office and the closeness of the team.

This bright and bubbly spirited woman is more than just a Real Estate agent. She is an accomplished mother and wife. Michelle has her MBA from University of New Orleans and a Bachelors in marketing, also from University of New Orleans. Her business and marketing background are evident in her strong social media skills. Michelle has an active Facebook account for her Real Estate business. She shares with her follows far more than just her listings, but also helpful tips for homeowners and soon to be homeowners, along with important news from the area. She really enjoys the growing use of technology in the field of Real Estate. She believes it gives clients so much information in a moments notice at their fingertips along with allowing agents to have more tools to better serve their clients.

This New Orleans girl loves everything about the city including the architecture. Her favorite style of home from around the city is the craftsman cottage. She even calls one of the city's craftsman cottages home. She loves the old charm of the homes, the lines in their designs, and the heart of pine floors. She calls the Broadmoor neighborhood home and loves how charming her neighborhood's homes are. Also that she is in walking distance to great eateries, especially since the food of New Orleans is one of her absolute favorite things. Some of her favorite restaurants are St. James Cheese Company and Adolfo's on Frenchman. 

Michelle Soliman almost always is seen with a smile on her face. A joy to have around, she works hard for clients by persistently negotiating the best deal for them. But she also knows how to play too. She is the true embodiment of a New Orleans girl; taking in all that the city has to offer and helping her clients find their homes here. She does all this while raising her sweet daughter, that she shares with her husband that she met at the Bulldog, to bask in the beauty of the city from the festivals to Story Land.