Jared is a long time veteran of the real estate game. He has been an agent with Mirambell Realty since he began his career in real estate. Prior to selling homes, Jared worked as an engineer. He was laid off of his engineering job and took to his love of homes for a new career. After Katrina happened he found himself renovating and investing in homes. This led to him adding the role of Realtor to his repertoire. 

Jared and Craig Mirambell had crossed paths through Jared's work with home investing. When he began to think about adding the role of realtor to his many talents, he reached out to Craig. The two built a close friendship and Jared felt comfortable in getting into real estate with Craig as his broker. Jared loves the closeness and family atmosphere of Mirambell Realty. The general camaraderie of the group within the office makes Mirambell the perfect place for Jared to work. He also enjoys how hands on Craig is as a broker and always there to help Jared and the other agents.

It is no surprise that Jared would end up in real estate though. When you listen to him talk about the homes of New Orleans you can see he truly has an unrivaled passion; not just for the city itself but for its incredible architecture. There is no realistic way for Jared to choose a favorite home style of New Orleans. Whether it is the grand big victorian homes of the Garden District or the craftsman shotguns of Bayou St. John; Jared loves are the nuisances and details of the homes of this city. He loves the architecture of New Orleans so much in fact his favorite book is on that subject. Guests in his home can easily spot the Lloyd Vogt book, "New Orleans Houses: A House-Watchers Guide" proudly displayed on his coffee table at all times. That love of home design only adds to his love of his career. He gets to find his clients the homes that are just right for them all while taking in the historic aspects of the city.

When Jared is running around the city showing homes and basking in the impressive architecture he can likely be found at the track, Fairground Race Track that is. Jared loves to site back and enjoy an afternoon beverage while watching the horse races. He also enjoys a good round of golf. And like any true New Orleanian he enjoys to eat. Cooking and eating are two big hobbies of Jared's. Presently Jared is taking on a keto diet plan which has led him to be creative in getting in his classic Louisiana dishes. Impressively he recently cooked up some jambalaya using cauliflower rice. His love of cooking has allowed him to get pretty creative in the kitchen.

Jared also is a loving father to two little girls. He came from a family of all boys so it was a big adjustment to go from the ballparks to dance class. But Jared is always beaming with pride with his daughters by his side even in the dance studio.

Jared Fousch is a veteran here at Mirambell but really he is just getting started. He plans to only further his career and watch it grow each year, all while enjoying his time with his family and this great city.