Lakeview, New Orleans, has been recognized as a top neighborhood for local businesses to thrive. Lakeview was named 11th on a list of Top 25 neighborhoods for small businesses. This list was compiled by a Georgia-based company, Welcomemat Services, a direct mail marketing company that delivers personalized gifts from local businesses to potential clients that have just moved into the neighborhood. The gifts range from things like a large pizza at Pizza Nola to a free oil change at Fleur De Lis Car Care Center.

Welcomemat Services not only welcomes new neighbors and invites them to experience local businesses, it also strengthens the sense of community relationships. According to Welcomemat CEO Brian Mattingly, "Lakeview boasts unique architectural characteristics with a variety of the homes that are more modern than in the historic districts of the city, most of which are within walking and biking distance to the shore of a lake. Locals have two magnificent parks at their disposal here, with large areas for relaxing, playing, and exercising."


In composing this list of Top 25 neighborhoods for small businesses, things such as local franchisees, number of respondents to the companies' welcome packages, income level and age range, livability and walkability of the neighborhood, were all taken into account. "One of the other things we looked for was community vibe, meaning how active people were in supporting their community, and Lakeview definitely has that feel."

The Welcomemat Company uses similar technology and software that big retailers use in their customer acquisition efforts, but offers this information to small businesses in order to help them compete with the larger companies. Local franchisee Jeremie Ertle has been offering Welcomemat services to New Orleans' small businesses for a year. He first started sending welcome packages to households Uptown, but has since expanded to Lakeview, Mid-City, and downtown. Ertle has spoken to many business owners in Lakeview, "More than one has told me that people try to frequent local neighborhood Lakeview businesses before they travel to a big box store in Metairie or another New Orleans neighborhood."

Ertle works with Pizza Nola that has been in business since 2010 and has since seen the Lakeview area grow and thrive. Owner of Pizza Nola, Will Samuels states, "When we first started, there were a lot of vacant lots and only a few homes on each block...Now there's barely a vacant lot in West Lakeview. On Harrison Avenue, there's no commercial property to be had anymore. This really speaks to the strength of the Lakeview community."




"Lakeview among top U.S. neighborhoods for small businesses"

Andrew Valenti