Louisiana has been named the U.S. state with the best business climate in Business Facilitiesmagazine’s 10th Annual Rankings Report, released today. “Louisiana surged into the top slot in BF’s annual state business climate assessment from last year’s fourth-place finish. Utah, Texas, Tennessee and Indiana rounded out the top five, respectively, in this year’s Best Business Climate ranking,” says the magazine. Editor in Chief Jack Rogers says Louisiana has been a “perennial contender” for the top business climate designation in recent years, but that this year it was easy to place the state No. 1. “When we scrutinized all of the essential elements for a successful economic development program in today’s highly competitive market—including workforce training, incentives, a business-friendly tax and regulatory structure, and a highly diverse, well-conceived growth strategy—we consistently found an aggressive standard for excellence in Louisiana,” Rogers says. The magazine continues to be impressed with the “unprecedented cooperation between higher education resources and business in Louisiana,” it says. Meanwhile, the Louisiana FastStart program repeated as the top-ranked state program in the magazine’s Workforce Training Leaders category. Access the complete rankings. Gov. Bobby Jindal issued a statement today saying the top ranking from “one of the leading economic development publications for more than four decades is proof of the remarkable turnaround that has occurred in Louisiana.” —Steve Sanoski

Source: http://businessreport.com/article/20140801/BUSINESSREPORT0112/140809984