Some people get into Real Estate because it can be a flexible career field. Other people become agents because they hope to make big bucks on commissions from million dollar homes. Then there are people like our agent, Danielle Nice. She works in Real Estate simply because she loves homes and especially the varied housing stock that New Orleans real estate offers. 

Danielle is a renovator at heart and grew up in a “big rambling older house on Napoleon Avenue.” She sees potential in almost anything (although she espouses the importance of a good foundation and strong mechanicals). She feels her strength in real estate is her expertise with older/historic housing stock as well as her creativity to see potential in not only homes, but neighborhoods. 


There isn’t a specific style of New Orleans architecture that Danielle loves. She just loves the old meeting the new. In other words seeing obsolete housing becoming modernized with updated electrical and plumbing systems and a livable family-friendly floorplan…All while retaining the warmth and character of the historical building. 

Danielle's goal as a Real Estate agent is to provide her clients with opportunities to build wealth. She feels the single best way to build wealth in life is through home ownership and real estate investing. Her enthusiasm for this is evident and sometimes, according to her family, exhaustive. But that enthusiasm makes her a great advocate for her clients, especially first time home buyers. Many people believe that they are not in the position to own a home. Danielle runs the numbers and finds housing opportunities that they themselves might not have realized are feasible. As Danielle put it she finds as much joy putting a single parent family into a home as she does selling a million dollar mansion. 


She doesn't believe that her work in Real Estate is a “sales” career. “You can't sell a client a home…you instead educate someone to the market and to the housing stock so they can make the best possible decision for themselves.”  And with her guidance, it usually is a good decision. As she mentioned in her interview, her real estate clients have done “very well.” 

Danielle came to Mirambell after living in San Francisco and Los Angeles for many years.  Danielle got her Real Estate license in California in the early 2000s and left the area to return home to help re-build New Orleans Post Katrina in 2007. She came to Mirambell just as Craig was getting the brokerage off the ground. She interviewed with many brokerages in the New Orleans metro and felt that being a part of the MBell team was the best fit for her. She liked how Craig Mirambell interacted with agents and how accessible he was to his agents. She also liked that Craig didn't make his agents conform to a particular mold or ideal of what a Real Estate agent should or shouldn't be. That freedom has allowed Danielle to be her complete self throughout her entire career.


Danielle's passion for homes runs strong and keeps her very busy, but outside the Real Estate realm Danielle is likely found with her family. She is a mother to 7 year old twin boys. They keep her busy outside of work, but so does teaching voice. As a former professional opera singer, Danielle now teaches voice lessons at Delgado Community College as well as privately in her home studio. 


Danielle is a strong champion for the betterment of the city of New Orleans. She and her husband advocate for issues that commonly face inner cities such as poverty, education and affordable housing. And it is her true belief that New Orleans will be the best city possible if all of its residents thrive!