Real estate agents get into this career for various reasons. Some enjoy the freedom of the schedule of the job, other love the income potential; and then a rare special few are like our agent Michelle Rousse. Michelle decided to take on a career in real estate after years of working in business to business sales. She grew up always wanting to be a real estate agent after watching her parents buy and sell homes. She would watch the agents they worked with and remembered fondly the joy that her and her family felt moving into a new home. When her father passed away in 2015, it reminded Michelle that life was short and she decided there was no time like the present to go after her dream of being a realtor.

While looking for a brokerage, Michelle found her way to Mirambell Realty. She felt that Mirambell was the perfect fit for her because she didn't want a corporate brokerage, but rather a local small boutique brokerage. Also, she loved that Craig was the type of broker that would give her the freedom to run her own business her way, but was still readily available should she have any question or need. Mirambell Realty was also a good fit for Michelle because she loves that Mirambell strives to entwine technology use into their real estate transactions. Mirambell's use of technology is a good fit for Michelle since she knows that technology use in real estate is the future, which is why you can often see her utilizing modern conveniences such as using GPS to show houses or her active social media accounts. 

Michelle loves everything about working in real estate, from the clients to the homes. She loves the process of getting to know her clients and getting them to the closing. She knows that the home buying process can present challenges but with her kind and professional personality she is able to coach her clients through the difficulties of real estate and help them achieve their goals. She even loves the homes themselves. There is no particular home style that peaks Michelle's interest. Rather, she loves everything about every home. She feels that with the right viewpoint you can find beauty in every home, old or new, and visualize her clients living their lives there.

Outside of working, Michelle can be found with her family. Michelle is a doting mother to her three beautiful children, ages 11, 8, and 6. She actively supports charities working with autism, since her eldest son has been diagnosed autistic. Her children keep her busy with dance and sport activities, but she also loves to volunteer with her church, Celebration Church. Her church life is an essential part of her family life. Michelle's faith and family are both beautiful aspects of this incredible woman. While work, church and family can keep Michelle quite tied up, she loves to make time for herself by getting out to exercise. Considering she is married to Duke Rousse of Duke Academy her love of a good work out isn't all to surprising. Her and Duke also like to make time for their marriage by fitting date nights into their busy schedule. 

Michelle Rousse is a born and raised New Orleans area girl through and through. She loves her Saints and Pelicans and enjoys her outings as family on the street car to get Camellia Grille. She loves coffee, real estate, her family and God. Michelle Rousse is a genuine kind soul that can make anyone she comes in contact with smile, even on the cloudiest of days. Her clients are lucky to have her dedication to them, as much as Mirambell is lucky to have her on the team.