Travel and Leisure Magazine have name New Orleans has one of the America’s Top 20 Favorite Cities.


New Orleans was ranked number 2 on the list, coming in just behind Norfolk, Virginia. One of the respondents to the survey which established the ranking order of the list stated, “There is no other city like New Orleans. So much history. A beautiful city. The people know how to make visitors feel welcomed.” Other respondents commented on the unbelievable food, which is found all across our amazing city. Some voted for New Orleans because of the famous festivals or its quintessential vibrant colored homes and intrinsically unique architecture. 


While New Orleans might be ranked number 2 this year, it did come in ranking number 1 for bachelor or bachelorette parties, festivals and dining and drinking. 



As we all already knew here, this city is amazing, fun and vibrant! But it is nice to see a national magazine rank us so highly as one of America’s favorite cities.