New Orleans Real Estate Just Got An Upgrade


What we like to see in an Mirambell Agent:


Able to convert Company Generated Leads

Contributes to our Amazing Office Culture

Motivated and Goal Oriented 

Technology Lovers (Those not Afraid)

Excited to be in Real Estate Everyday

Great Commission Structure


Appreciate a direct line to your Broker 24/7

Don't agree with Office fees

Low Cap to earn 100% Commission each year

Learns from both hands on training and company paid training

Benefits from In House Office Assistant and Marketing Staff

Likes our Free 3D Virtual Tour


Our Story:


Mirambell Realty is a boutique real estate brokerage founded in Metairie, LA , that focuses on professional marketing of real estate using technology and agents that believe in a great office culture.


We believe that our marketing creates emotion in the home buyer. That emotion triggers a response that connects the client to the home buying and selling experience offered through Mirambell Realty. Mirambell Realty has invested heavily in technology, marketing , and online lead generation; all with the intention of helping our Realtors sell more property.  With 30 agents and 10 years of experience, M Bell is no longer looked at as a small independent firm.  Our market share and number of successful agents have increased each year thanks to the systems in place at the firm.


Reach out today if you feel like you could benefit from these offerings and if you would like to speak privately with Craig, the Broker/Owner.



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Mirambell Realty has 2 locations in the heart of Metairie and Mid City

500 Clearview Pkwy. Metairie. LA. 70001

4620 S Carrollton Ave. New Orleans. LA. 70119



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