Congratulations on a well deserved promotion and new title. Jared Fousch was recently designated as the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) at Mirambell Realty.  Jared will continue to excel in his full capacity as a Realtor with Mirambell Realty and continue to provide exemplary customer service to his clients.

Jared has successfully brokered several investment properties for himself as well as his clients. His knowledge on short sales and how to negotiate with each bank has helped closed several deals where all parties involved were happy.  His knowledge of the market combined with the ability to analyze numbers helped him earned this new position. Mirambell Realty is proud to have Jared Fousch on their team.

Jared’s Bio


I’ve lived inNOLA my entire life never leaving or missing a beat. I love working with the people who live and work here. I love what New Orleans has to offer, from the food, music, culture, Saints, and so much more!

After spending 8 years in engineering with my heart in Real Estate, I made a full-time switch to do what I love and what I know the best. I love to help people buy a home or an investment property and teach them how to do it as a safe and secure long-term decision. When it comes to selling it takes knowledge and strategy, and I have both to get the job done.

If you are like many Americans and have fallen into a financial situation due to the economy, you may need help finding a solution. Getting out of your home and from under your mortgage takes a special and extremely knowledgeable Realtor. Foreclosures and Short-Sales are my specialty. I study banks and their trends to keep up with the methods in which they handle their loans and foreclosures. This changes often and takes a concentrated and patient Realtor to be successful, and that Realtor is me. I handle Short-Sales on a daily basis and have the knowledge to get you through these difficult times.

Whether buying, selling, or handling Short-Sales, I’m the guy to call. 504-722-2697
Or if you just want to know where to eat, hang out, and enjoy the city, you can call me for that, too!