As the end of the year comes rushing towards a close, it may be easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of the holiday season. However, it's important to take a moment to stop and think about all the moments, the highs and the lows, from the last year. Reflecting back is especially important this year as we are nearing the end of another decade.

Here at Mirambell Realty we have so much to be thankful for from the last year and even more so from the last decade. Over the last ten years I have been blessed to watch my company grow from the small idea I had of simply making a different type of brokerage to an incredible family of agents and office personnel. When I began this company a little before the start of this decade I couldn't imagine all of the wonderful agents that would join in with me on the idea of "ReThinking Real Estate". I didn't imagine all the ways that we could put technology into our homes sales to better serve our clients. I didn't imagine all the buyers and sellers me and my wonderful team would help through the journey of homeownership and the friendships that would come from those transactions. It's truly been a humbling and incredible journey.

Throughout the years I have seen agents come and go, it's a part of this business that never gets easy. Some leave from other ventures, some take their talents elsewhere. It's a hard and difficult side of the business to accept, but I have been lucky to have had some wonderful and amazing agents stay with me throughout this whole journey. It has been such an honor as their broker to watch them grow and have them help shape this company into what it is today. I have also been so fortunate to see this company grow to about forty agents now! This team is really the MBell family and they make this job so rewarding. They are the reason we have seen so much success including the award bestowed upon this office this year from Build Magazine, Leading Specialist in Real Estate Transactions for New Orleans.

Awards such as the one from Build Magazine have really been the peaks of this year and the past decade. My team and I have been graciously blessed with several honors. Including having Michelle Rousse and Robyn Bruno as part of the top leading producers in the New Orleans Metro recognized by New Orleans Real Producers Magazine. Also, I was so humbled to receive the City Business award for Excellence in Residential Real Estate award this year. As well as the national award from RISMedia as a 2019 Newsmaker Achiever Award. While the awards and honors are shining moments in anyone's career, they pale in comparison to friendships that have blossomed from this past decade.

Working with countless clients over the last decade as brought so much joy and fulfillment into mine and my company's lives. Helping first time home buyers close on their first home and help past clients move on to their next home, it's all a sublime part of being in this industry. I am eager to see what the next decade has in store for the MBell Team. We will be kicking off 2020 by moving into our beautiful new office on Metairie Road early in the year and I know that will bring a great deal of new excitement to the team and to our clients that come into the office.

So, as this year and decade comes to a close I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. Thank you to the agents who are here in the office making this MBell family run so smoothly and wonderful. Thank you for the friendships that have blossomed from years of working hard as team, it makes it all not even feel like work. Thank you to clients who have trusted us with one of the biggest moments of their lives and thank you for the solidarity that has come from that. Now let's bring on 2020 and see where this journey heads next!



Craig Mirambell, Owner and Broker of Mirambell Realty