Remember back to early 2015? I know it may be difficult to remember that far back, but let me jog your memory a bit. In February of 2015, here at Mirambell Realty we sent out a press release because we were the first in the New Orleans area to market with a unique 3D virtual tour.


The virtual tour changed the game on home buying, and I guess others have caught on since then because just last week Zillow announced that they will be rolling out their own 3D home tour service.


Zillow will be releasing a new app, which will only be available for the iPhone for the present time. The app, called "3D Home", will create an immersive experience all from the users phone. Users will be able to snap images from their phone in a similar method to using the phone’s own panoramic setting. Then the photographs will be uploaded through the app and stitched together automatically by Zillow to create a seamless tour from room to room. Zillow says a 3,000 sq. ft. home should be able to be photographed in about 30 minutes.


The app is currently in its early stages of development and won’t be available across the nation until late 2018. However, despite being the only mobile-based app that can offer 3D virtual tours at no cost, it seems like users could be waiting a while for all the kinks in development to be ironed out. Might just be best to stick with those, like us here at Mirambell Realty, that have been doing these tours for years now and have the technology to create truly immersive tours of your home listings.