Nick Kallman

Mirambell Realty

Nick joined Mirambell Realty in 2020. Originally from Milwaukee, he moved down south for college and quickly decided he wanted to stay post-graduation. Nick studied architectural design and real estate at Tulane University. After spending a semester designing and building a small residential home and being exposed to real estate he realized there was huge potential in combining the two fields of design and development. 
Real estate is currently a part-time position for Nick while working for a local architectural and interior design firm in River Ridge as an architectural designer and photographer. He believes looking at homes with a practical real estate mentality combined with the creative potential of design and construction brings a unique angle to buying and selling property. 
Throughout the last couple of years, Nick made it a point of building relationships with architectural and interior designers, general and subcontractors, banking, and commercial/investment/residential real estate professionals throughout New Orleans. Please feel free to reach out with any inquiries during the day, night, week, or weekend.